laura pouIn this magical, almost sacred space, you’ll have time for inspiration, for relaxation...

Born in Madrid, she began designing gardens before she had finished her academic training at Castillo de Batres college in Madrid, where she completed the three training courses in landscape gardening, landscape planning and environmental impact study.

Her gardens are imprinted with her two great passions: architecture and botany.

Clean lines, the concept of colour, textures, aromas and sounds unite to shape spaces created for enjoyment and relaxation. She considers it paramount that the garden pairs with the architecture and, in turn, blends with the medium in which it is found. It is very important that the landscaper begins work together with the architect so that the result is harmonious.

Since 2004 she has been the founder member of Nóbilis Arquitectura del Paisaje, a business dedicated to designing, completing and maintaining gardens of superior quality. Nóbilis was born of the need to turn design plans into reality, with quality in the materials and finesse and dedication in the finishes.

Since its creation, Nóbilis has formed part of DOM3 —businesses for high quality homes— fostering excellence alongside other firms and professionals in the area. As President of DOM3 for the 2015/2016 committee, she organised the second year of the DOM3 PRIZE international architecture award.

Desde su creación forma parte de DOM3 —Empresarios para la vivienda de alta calidad— promoviendo la excelencia con otras empresas y profesionales de la zona. Siendo Presidenta de DOM3 durante la junta de 2015/2016, organizó la segunda edición del II Premio Internacional de Arquitectura DOM3 PRIZE.