WhatsApp Image 2023 04 05 at 20.45.41Landscaping projects

New building
Reforms of adult gardens
Restoration of historic gardens

Environmental studies

Technical advice


Execution of works of gardens and landscape

Ground movements
Civil works in support of gardening
Automatic irrigation system
Outdoor lighting installation
Gardening and plantations

Management for the restoration of equipment of gardeners

Update and management of equipment

Maintenance Options

Visit, diagnosis and follow-up.

This contract provides personalised expert management to periodically manage and organise your garden maintenance work. After a first visit, a detailed report will be prepared on the state of the garden and a thorough and personalised follow-up plan will be designed in accordance with the report results. This follow-up plan will consist of an extensive calendar of work to be undertaken by month or by week, to be fulfilled by your gardeners, and also a proposal for new, one-off jobs, to be separately assessed, for the recovery and improvement of the garden. Minimum length of one year.

Visit, diagnosis, shock plan and follow-up.

At times the degree of deterioration of the garden, which is due to poor maintenance practices, unfamiliarity, absence of information or lack of management of staff, is so great that a much more aggressive intervention is required. Common examples of malpractice in our gardens include trees that have been mutilated or left unrecognisable due to barbarous and unnecessary pruning, and planting which was originally designed with a purpose but little by little has been arbitrarily replaced, detracting from the original design. A crash plan will be prepared, aiming at the recovery of the worthwhile elements of the garden through the necessary work and the removal of plant species which cannot be saved due to their ornamental or phytosanitary deterioration. This crash plan will necessarily be followed by works of improvement and/or renovation at design and execution levels, which will be analysed in detail and in a personalised way in accordance with the garden. Minimum length of one year.

Improvements and reforms.

Many of our gardens languish with the passage of time, whether because the tree growth gives more shade or due to the normal ageing of the tree strata or the absence of nutrition in wrongly fertilised soil. It is also the case that after many years our needs and tastes change. We fancy getting a swimming pool or doing up the old one. An outdoor dining area, a pergola or pond; we want a vegetable patch to enjoy our own produce. All that is possible in our garden and the time has come to get to it. This type of contract proposes the complete renovation of the garden. For that purpose and following the visit, the necessary work will be proposed in accordance with the existing conditions and the client’s needs. This will be done by way of an itemised and personalised plan. Laura will take charge of the process from diagnosis to delivery of the finished work. The length of the contract depends on the work.