PARJAP MADRID CONGRESS 2023 and the 50th anniversary of AEPJP!


As a member of AEPJP (Spanish Association of Public Parks and Gardens), last February I attended the 49th PARJAP 2023 Congress in Madrid. They started from a central axis which made us reflect on: 'Parks and gardens, natural health systems', based on four thematic blocks: the green city and health, wellbeing as an objective of urban planning, therapeutic designs of green spaces and real experiences and solutions (case studies).

An international reflection focused on the 1st day on "The green city and health" and "Wellbeing as an objective of urban planning". In turn, Thursday, February 16th, was dedicated to "Therapeutic designs of green spaces" and we ended with the block "Experiences and real solutions: case studies."

Angelia Sia (@angelia.sia), a professional from the National Parks Board of Singapore, a center that works on green urban space and ecology, explained to us how Singapore is one of the greenest countries despite competition for land use in a small and highly populated territory; a work that began since the independence of the country, promoting the planting of trees with the vision of being "a city in nature".

From the conclusions, I’d like to stay with: #GreenSpaces in cities "reduce stress, improve concentration and mood, and facilitate #PhysicalActivity, with games, walks and the practice of sports ". In addition, they contribute to mitigating #ClimateChange and guaranteeing "the health and well-being of the planet".

Interesting task as landscapers where a small gesture can have such a social impact.