Harsh reality reaches us inexorably. Just a few months ago, the real global concern about the impact of the human hand on climate change began.

The concern about how our influence on nature is putting an end to healthy life and to our environment was beginning to be taken into account by rulers of all countries, with greater or lesser success.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the absolute need for us to take our environment seriously. Human beings must stop polluting the planet and, what is better, act in their environment to contribute to sustainability and improve our quality of life.

There's no way to avoid it. The concept of housing has changed considerably and with it the need for sustainable gardening, integrated landscaping and common spaces that are truly useful. Becoming "green" is a priority that many have already begun to apply to their lives. Including the companies that have to do with the creation of cities and with the construction of houses.

In this sense, I am proud to have started the creation of landscaping and gardening projects a long time ago that have a meaning for the life of the inhabitants of the residence: fruit trees, orchard area, aromatic herb plants to use in gastronomy... In short, a garden that is not only for strolling and contemplation, but also acquires a useful use and responsible care because the quality of the fruit that is obtained will depend on it. A garden that, in addition to being decorative, implies a way of life for this new inhabitant of the city who seeks a friendly and, above all, useful and sustainable environment.