Shirin Yoku or Forest Bathing


There is talk of “forest healing”. Of taking an immersive walk through an isolated forest with the 5 senses connected to the experience...
'Forest bathing' or Shinrin Yoku has its origin in Japan. The literal meaning is 'absorbing the atmosphere of the forest', an idea generated in the eighties by the technicians from the Japanese Forestry Agency to lower the level of stress and anxiety in its inhabitants. South Korea, Germany, the United States, and Spain have already put some “Healing Forests” projects underway in their cities.
Of course, it is not essential that it be a forest, any natural open space where to leave the rush parked, where we can explore fully, and where we can capture the incredible Vitamin “N” (nature).

Walking through a forest prevents diseases, increases NK cell activity “Natural Killer” and improves mental health.
But not all of us have a forest nearby and I deeply believe in small actions, it is very interesting to follow the 3-30-300 rule:
See at least 3 trees from your home window, live in a neighborhood with 30% tree coverage, and have a large green space within a radius of 300 meters.

This rule has made me pay close attention to the trees I see every day when I leave my house. To connect with special attention when I am in a garden or I cross a park in the middle of the city, and of course to think that with this minimal action, I activate the therapeutic effect of nature on me.